How Some People Always Find a Way to Win - And Other's Don't

How Some People Always Seem to Win, While Others Are Always Taking L’s

Have you ever met someone who just always finds a way to make it happen? They almost can’t even help but win all the time. On the other hand, have you ever met someone who just can’t seem to get even one W under their belt? Why is that? The truth is, there are some simple but distinct differences that sets these two types of people apart. We are actually more in control of our outcomes than we may think. The people who always seem to win are really just the ones who have figured this out. So what exactly is the secret formula that they’re not sharing with the rest of us?

Belief and Certainty

Deep down, these people always know that they will find a way to win. Going into a task or facing an obstacle, never for one second do they begin to question the viability of their success. When we second guess ourselves and constantly question our every move, we are silently killing our chances of forward growth and even creating a detriment to ourselves and our minds in the long run.

Winners do not allow to uncertainty to be stronger than their will. There will always be times when we naturally begin to question our thoughts and actions, but once you allow these questions to overpower your progression; you’ve lost control and all hope of being victorious.

Be confident. Understand that as you put forth the effort, out bodies and minds are capable of growth beyond our imagination. Never set limits for yourself because of your uncertainty of what you can or can’t accomplish. The mind is the most powerful tool in your body. Use it wisely, and your belief can change your world.

Personal Accountability

It is always my fault. If something goes wrong, if my circumstances don’t reflect my vision, it’s all because I didn’t make it happen. This is the mindset of those who always find a way to come out on top: 100% personal accountability. They take responsibility for EVERYTHING in their lives. There’s no time to shift the blame to someone else; how’s that going to help you?

We learn the best from our experiences and especially our mistakes. If we continuously refuse to take ownership of our lives and the happenings of our surroundings, we go through life always thinking that things will work themselves out or someone else will come along and magically grant you life of your dreams. Whatever you do and whatever happens to you; own it. Take charge of your mind, your body, your health and your life.

The world is constantly changing around us. Don’t fall victim to allowing your external influences determine the outcome of YOUR life.


Grant Cardone is one of the top influential advocates for this mindset. In the earlier years of his life, he battled with drug addiction, depression and financial instability, but still somehow found a way to break free from all off this toxicity and create the life he envisioned. So how did someone with so little create so much for themselves? Grant lives by a different rule than most; a rule to which he attributes his success. Grant lives by the 10x rule.
Whatever goal that you have in your mind and whatever work you believe will be necessary to reach this goal, take that and multiply it by 10. Simply put: if you want to make $1,000,000 you should be aiming for and putting in the work you believe necessary to make $10,000,000.

The idea is that if you start to hold yourself to higher standards and model your work ethic off of what those who are at a level 10x greater than you are doing, you will inevitably see growth. You may not hit $10,000,000 right away, but if you set your goals here instead of $1,000,000, the chances of you being successful can be far more attainable.

Always Be ALL In

“If you want to take the island, burn the boats.” – Julius Caesar

Giving yourself an exit strategy and a way out is the quickest way to go nowhere fast. Julius Caesar was a great Roman emperor who found a way to instill will-power at the highest level at which humans are capable. Upon entering battle, Julius’ Roman fleet quickly realized they were greatly outnumbered and immediately started preparing their ships for an early retreat. At this moment, Julius realized that any hope of success for his army was gone.

Julius did the only thing he could do to motivate his army to fight to win: he burned the ships. His soldiers quickly realized there was no exit strategy, and no turning back. They were all in, and were fighting for their lives.

When you remove the “easy way out” from your life, there’s only one way to go and that’s forward.

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