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How to Channel Your Attention to Drive Results

Instagram, Facebook, any form of social media, work, relationships, daily life and obstacles all make for easy distractions to occupy our attention. Think about it: you hop on your phone to check the time and the next thing you know, you’ve spent the last 15 minutes mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. You noticed other people on your feed who seem to be out there doing exciting things or seemingly living a more fulfilling or interesting life than you believe you are. Sound familiar?

We’ve all fallen victim to this mentality at some point. It’s human nature to desire more than what we currently have, and to even feel a slight sense of disappointment or frustration when you see others in a position where you believe you should be. When you’ve discovered your why and you have goals that you’re setting out to achieve, distractions like these will be the biggest impediment to your progression. Don’t get caught up in the hype, and learn how to strategize for the long game of life that you have ahead of you.

Stop Dwelling on Other People’s Success

We all dream to live life like the top 1%. Driving expensive cars, living in an elegant mansion, steak dinners overlooking the water – who doesn’t want to enjoy the finer things in life? Many people who have actually worked their way to the top and have become this successful would argue that dreaming big and setting your goals ridiculously high are necessary if you wish to become successful. However, too many people today seem to focusing far too much on this, without balancing in the actual work required to get to the top. This is a sure-fire recipe to go nowhere fast, and it can also directly and negatively affect your personal level of happiness.

The trick is to set your goals high, while not allowing yourself to be overwhelmingly consumed by the thought of others who have already reached these goals (or at least try to paint the picture that they have). A lot easier said than done, right? Whether it’s limiting the amount of time you spend on social media, or even filtering out the excess flashy content on your pages, it is imperative that you don’t let yourself fall victim to spending more time dreaming about it than actually working towards it. We’re all working on our own time and our own life’s clock. Don’t allow anyone else’s life’s clock dictate where you believe you should already be, or how quickly you feel you need to become successful because ‘so and so’ already has what you’re working towards. You’ll get there. Keep working. Be patient.

Revolve Everything Around Your Why

Why are you working towards your goals every day? You want to never have to worry about money again? Okay, why though?

Once you find your why, you can then utilize this extremely powerful tool to help power you through your journey to creating the life you envision. Your why needs to be bigger than you, and everyday needs to start and end with your why.

If you can become so obsessed with channeling your energy and your focus into backing your actions with your why, you’ll find it increasingly easier to no longer waste time dwelling on what you don’t have yet.

Celebrate the Small Victories

Unfortunately, the odds of someone becoming a wildly huge success overnight are really slim to none. There’s no definitive clock on the journey to success. It can take one year, 5 years or even 10 years or more. SO, with this in mind, it is necessary that you devise a plan for the long haul to reach your goals.

Celebrating small victories is a tactic used by some of the most successful people today. It can be extremely disheartening when you’re playing the long game and the weeks, months and years start passing by and you’re yet to see significant fruits from your labor. So many people working towards their goals never end up seeing them to fruition because they weren’t able to sustain through the long haul. Set mini goals each day to accomplish, and check them off as completed as you go along. Make it a priority to track your progress and give yourself time for self-reflection. You want to be able to look back on how far you’ve come, the progress you made, and the person you’ve developed into throughout the journey.

I hope now that you have realized the importance of focusing on your own life’s clock. Once you begin to eliminate the distractions of others, you’re able to acknowledge why you’re doing the things that you’re doing each day, and then accompany this with the celebration of small victories every single day, you’re almost guaranteed to have created the formula for success when it comes to driving concrete results.

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