The Most Important Question You Need To Ask Yourself - Why

The Most Important Question You Need to Be Asking Yourself – That Most People Aren’t


Have you ever looked in the mirror, and just start to question everything you’ve ever done up to this point? How and why did you wake up this morning?

It’s one thing to wake up every day and run through the motions. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast (maybe), go to work, put in your 8 hours and then go home and throw on the TV to see if anything worth watching is on. It’s a whole different experience to wake up with a ferocious fire under you, literally springing you out of bed because you’re THAT pumped up to begin your day. You wake up with the intent to go out and absolutely dominate every aspect of your day.

Two completely different scenarios, and unfortunately the majority of people resonate more with the first scenario than the latter. But where exactly does the difference lie between these two types of people? The people who live their lives in the second scenario have already discovered and revolve their entire mindset around their why.

Defining Your Why

So what does it mean to have a why, and how do I know what my why is or what it should be? Get ready to dig deep, because this step is going to require you to take a thoughtful, honest look at yourself and your mind.

Your why can be defined as your underlying motivation behind the actions you take on a daily basis. If you have a job, for example, you probably have that job to make money. Now, let’s take this a step further. Why are you in this job to make money? What are you going to do with this money? Is it going to positively impact you or someone else’s life?

Let’s take a specific, but hypothetical scenario for example. John is a 22 year old, college graduate beginning his journey in his career. He eventually finds himself in a job where he is making a salary of $40k/year as a sales rep. for a large company. Upon graduating college, John has amassed a pile of student loan debt. His family has also been living paycheck-to-paycheck, never really making enough money to store away as disposable income. John has been feeling the pressure of financial stress, and has seen the effect it can have on himself and his family.

John has made a conscious, and deliberate decision that he needs to become self-sufficient. He has seen the effects of living your life not in control, and realizes there must be another way. John’s why can be defined as: “I need to become successful to the point where I am self-sufficient, that way I can help myself and my family regain control of our lives. Living life on our own terms and the freedom that comes with it, will grant me and my family eternal happiness.”

Challenge yourself today and take a few minutes to do some self-reflection. Your why needs to be bigger than you, and it has to be far more meaningful than just wanting to make money. Write down your goals, and ask yourself why these are your goals. From here, you’ll create your why and a sense of purpose in your actions moving forward.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Why

Once again, it’s one thing to have a why, but it’s a completely different thing to understand how to live by your why. Finding your why is not just an exercise to get the creative juices flowing; no, you find your why because this is how you will be able to live your life with purpose and fulfillment. To find your why, is to find your way.

You need to start and end your day with your why. Oh, and everything in between? Yeah, that all needs to revolve around your why as well.

To keep it simple, get a piece of paper, write down your why and hang it up on your wall in your room. You want this to be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you see before you end your day.

Set reminders in your phone so you don’t forget about your why. It can be mid-day, and your halfway through your list of leads to call in your sales job when you start to burn out and forget why you started. Then BAM! That reminder hits and all of a sudden you’re hit with a wave of realization, so you start to visualize your why in your mind again. Never forget why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you’ll begin to see your life transform. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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